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Welcome to Gravity Hub

What do

we do?

Simply put, we are Creative Engineers. Ok, but what does that mean exactly?… Well to keep it simple we are a cloud based company focused on great design and magnificent coding. 

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What do we do different? Well for starters we are cloud based, but if you need to talk to someone, thats no problem! We do not have a call center or some cyborg to answer your questions, so don’t worry about that. Being cloud based also means we won’t charge you for any overhead or any hidden costs! So rest assure you won’t be spending tonnes of your money needlessly.  We like to keep it simple, personal and cool.

So what are you looking for?

The limits to design and coding are vast like space, and we’re always looking for a greater challenge. How far you want to take it is entirely up to you. Our  developers are experienced in software development, as well as Android and iOS applications, or maybe you just want a website?

Send us a message with your inquiry and we will get back to you shortly .

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